Healthcare Provider Training

Towards Healthcare Parity for Floridians with Disabilities: Teaching Core Competencies in Disability to Healthcare Providers

This project works with faculty members in the department of medicine at University of South Florida to enhance their clinical curriculum to provide disability training to 600 students enrolled in the 3rd year of medical school and to measure the growth in knowledge, aptitude, comfort and attitude in providing treatment to individuals with disabilities. In addition, the project will disseminate the field-tested core competence in disability curriculum and implementation guide to other interested programs for integration into their clinical training. These training initiatives will expose students to disability issues and build core competence in intellectual, sensory, and physical disabilities. The overall goal of this project is to increase the capacity of health care providers in Florida to provide quality healthcare to persons with disabilities. Towards this goal, we propose to establish and evaluate a core competence in disability by providing disability training to medical students and continuing education training to medical and allied health professionals across the state.

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