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Current Research Grants & Contracts

CDC 1NU27DD000012 Roberson (PI)


Florida Disability and Health Program

The DHP will work to adapt existing evidence based diabetes and school health programs to make them accessible for persons with mobility limitations and intellectual/developmental disabilities. The program will also foster partnerships with relevant organizations and produce communication products for persons with disabilities, their caregivers and those who serve them. The DHP will continue to rely on the expertise of the DCPG to help guide its work.

CDC 1U59 DD000992-01  Abbot (PI)


Florida Disability and Health Program

The Florida Department of Health (DOH), Disability and Health Program (DHP) will create policy and programmatic initiatives to achieve the inclusion of Floridians living with disabilities in local and statewide health promotion, wellness, disease prevention, and disaster preparedness activities.  A systematic evaluation of program activities will be on-going and a strategy for the sustainability of efforts will be implemented during the first through the third years of the grant.  The DHP contracts with University of Florida staff, who were responsible for the Florida Office on Disability and Health under the previous CDC grant period, for the completion of a statewide public health needs assessment, the in-house collection of data to establish baseline targets in Florida and provision of data support to the DHP.  The DHP will rely on volunteer members of a Disability Community Planning Group (DCPG) consisting of an Advisory Panel and Partners to provide their professional insight and personal experiences as they relate to living with a disability for topics of concern that include: health care access, physical accessibility to health services, health provider knowledge about disabilities, disaster and emergency preparedness, and community resources for persons with a disability.  The DCPG is comprised of persons with a disability (PWD), family/guardians/caregivers of a PWD and/or who work on behalf of persons with disabilities.

CDC 1U59 DD000273-01 Hall (PI)

Florida Office on Disability and Health

This purpose of this grant is to improve the health and quality of life of persons with disabilities in Florida. This will be accomplished in part through the creation of an Office on Disability and Health in the state. The new Office monitors disability and health programs and services. The FODH works to ensure access for persons with disabilities and to coordinate disability and health activities across organizations. In addition, the Office analyzes Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) data to inform policy decisions and monitor the reported health of persons with disabilities.

CDC 1U59 DD000273-01 Hall (PI)

Florida Disability and Health Project – Module B
Right to Know Campaign

CDC 1U59 DD000273-01 Havercamp (PI)

Florida Disability and Health Project – Module E
Training Professionals & Paraprofessionals

CDC 1U59 DD000273-01 Brumback (PI)

Florida Disability and Health Project  Module F
Supplemental Surveillance

3 RO1 AG10436-11A1 Miller (PI) Andresen (investigator)

Physical Frailty in Older Urban African Americans. This grant follows a cohort of older adults and tracks risk factors for increasing frailty over twelve years.

H133B990019 Krahn (PI Oregon Health Sciences University) Andresen (subcontractor)


RRTC on Health and Wellness for Persons with Long Term Disabilities. This Center conducts scientific reviews, and studies health interventions and outcomes measures for people with disabilities.

Oregon Health & Science University Krahn (PI) Andresen (subcontractor)


DRRP on Health Disparities and Disabilities This research project examines correlates of disparities in access to care for persons with disabilities.

SDR-07-047 Tampa, FL – Clark (PI) Andresen (investigator)

Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Pain and Emotional Disorders in Veterans with and without Polytrauma This project will examine the predictors of pain syndromes and PTSD in returning veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts (OEF/OIF)

Completed Research Grants and Contracts

CDC, Andresen (PI)

Caregivers of Persons with Cognitive Impairment

This project investigated differences between caregivers of persons with and without cognitive impairment using data from North Carolina’s 2005 BRFSS.

TKCIS/CDC, Andresen (PI)

Development of State Capacity to Conduct Caregiver Surveillance

Three states, Kansas, Washington, and Hawaii, were chosen to receive technical and monetary support for adding the Caregiver Module to their 2007 BRFSS. The UF team analyzes and reports these data to each funded state.

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Lopez (PI) Andresen (Investigator)

Elucidating The Barriers and Facilitators to Breast Cancer Screening: Gaining Perspective of Women with Disabilities and their Health Care Providers.

The grants objective/aim is to better understand how living with disability impacts how easy or difficult it is for rural women to receive regular breast cancer screenings (including mammography, clinical breast exam, and breast self exam) as nationally recommended.

Survey Agency for Persons with Disabilities Waitlist. Andresen (PI)

02/15/208 – 08/29/2008

Currently, approximately 16,000 Floridians eligible to receive waiver-funded services through the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) are on a waiting list for these services. While the agency asks individuals what services they are waiting for, many of these individuals have been on the waiting list for several years and their needs have changed over time. Further, it is not always clear what services these clients need urgently. APD, the Florida Legislature, and other organizations like the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council (FDDC) are interested in understanding the immediate and long-term needs of the clients on the waiting list and developing and implementing a tool for annual and multi-year planning. This tool would drive the development of services to meet client needs, including a mechanism to deliver urgently needed services as quickly as possible. In order to gain a better understanding of the needs of individuals on the APD waiting list who are living in a family or community home and to provide this information for the development of the assessment tool, the Florida Office and Disability and Health, Florida Developmental Disabilities Council and the UF Survey Research Center partnered to conduct a telephone survey of 1,000 of the individuals on the APD waiting list.

Dept of Veterans Affairs, Kansas City (589-KC8478) Hayes (PI) Andresen (investigator)

04/15/2008 – 09/30/2008
The Impact of OEF/OIF Veteran Mental Health on Caregivers

This project used an expert panel and scientific review to determine the domains and measures for future research and intervention among caregivers of returning veterans form the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts (OEF/OIF).